What is Tessitura

Tessitura Software was developed specifically for the needs of arts, cultural and entertainment organizations, and provides a 360-degree CRM platform for all aspects of customer interaction.

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In musictessitura (Italian: [tessiˈtuːra], texture; English /tɛsɨˈtʊərə/) is the most musically acceptable and comfortable range for a given singer or, less frequently, musical instrument; the range in which a given type of voice presents its best-sounding texture or timbre.

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Why we know Tessitura

We've been working on Tessitura-enabled websites since 2010, maintaining it and integrating it to some of the most popular website of performing arts centers and operas across the US.
Almost all our website projects have been about integrating Tessitura to the client’s main websites. The integration process entails two main parts, the addition of modules to the website and the set-up of the website’s flow and functionality to support and sustain the ticket system add-on.

Customer support and help

We can help you maintain, tweak and expand your Tessitura-enabled website, like we do for our existing clients.
During our work with your website, we will not only integrate Tessitura to your site, we can also help you go around problems and set-up miscalculations that may be causing you problems. We know Tessitura and we can diagnose a problem fast and efficiently, update your website and instruct you how to go around the problem in the back-end part.

Pre-existing Tessitura installation and website

If you already have a website with Tessitura, we can help you expand it, maintain it, tweak it and debug it
If you already have a website with Tessitura, we can help you and support you with additions, updates and upgrades to your website’s code so new or more complex features can be implemented. Tessitura offers a large number of features which you can also combine to create a rich and valuable user experience for your clients.


Tessitura allows you to organize, build and sell tickets for your performances online. With a comprehensive back end and a large number of options along with deep customization, you can set up the full picture of your theater, productions and performances online, all available to your customers.


Tessitura can be fully integrated into your website so you can combine content, images, news and more, with the ticket purchase functionality, bound together in a consistent page so your customers can both read about your theater and then instantly purchase tickets.


We make sure the online ticket purchasing functionality will be available to all of your current or potential future customers via all of the platforms, mobile, desktop and also your social media pages.

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