Welcome to WordPress!

Wordpress is our choice when building dynamic websites. For a lot of reasons, WordPress is a fantastic tool both for the development and for the end-user. It offers flexibility and ease of use when its comes to content creation and website maintenance.

Websites build in WP offer a vast variety of options when it comes to graphics, functionality, upgrades, online sales, communities and almost anything you can think of. If you want your website to :

  • Sell products online via your own self-hosted e-shop
  • Interact with your community via your own forum or social network
  • Provide information of any kind to your clients
  • Sell your tickets online and manage your events
  • Get feedback from your visitors and implement online polls
  • Have your clients support and donate to your cause online
  • Subscribe to your website and premium content

and much more, we can implement it all within your WordPress website! All this is possible due to a large global community supporting this platform and many brands adding to its functionality via free-of-charge or paid plugins.

The right way to build on WordPress

Although creating a website in WordPress is really easy, sometimes developers fail to keep their websites consistent and pure, thus creating long-term problems with the platform. For instance, there are a lot of ways to add functionality to your wordpress website via editing the platform’s or your theme’s code, causing the website to fail updates. This is one of the top reasons for your website to perform bad and also be vulnerable to hacking.

In Digital Arts Media Services, we take pride in building websites in WordPress the “Vanilla” way

meaning “pure” and as-it-is-supposed-to-be. We follow the rules and guidelines in order to keep your website updatable, up to date and easy to migrate, move or expand. This way, you will be able to update your website yourself, via the very easy-to-use back-end system WordPress provides.

We work on the popular WordPress.org platform which is Open Source