Content is the king

There are quite a few tips to follow so to make your website be a bit more of content quality so to have a good chance of ranking high in relevant searches. Keep in mind that the most critical parameter of scoring high in SEO nowadays is content, its quality and density, its simplicity and its originality. To cut a really long story short, plagiarism and content copy-pasting will not help your site go well. Stuffing your site with keywords will not make any difference in Google, copying ang copying hot content from around the web so to have a lot of different topics which are really hot, will not do you much good. On the other hand, creating original content, dense as far as its concept is concerned, clear and readable and lengthy enough, will bring you traffic.

Key points :

  • Your website has many pages
  • Think of three concepts
  • Your page titles really matter
  • Your page’s url and address are important too
  • Your page’s meta description
  • Your page’s meta keywords
  • The first paragraph of your text and your text itself

Coming from Google

After you do all those, you need to apply some more tech if you have an existing website, like 301 redirects, rewrite rules and more. Also, you then must add your website to Google’s Webmaster toolsand Bing Webmaster as well. Then you need to take a look at your “Content Keywords” in the webmaster tools ( take a look at our article about this ). Also take a deep read at Google’s paper for SEO here :