Your wordpress website is your tool, your key to the world wide web. No matter how easy to use and how flexible it is, it still needs some house keeping and maintenance, to keep it safe and secure and up to date. Its important to monitor your website’s health, updates and security in order to get the most out of it and avoid “difficult” situations i.e. a hack or downtime.

We offer wordpress management and maintenance services so you can keep your website up to date, in our package we have :

  1. wordpress management, support and maintenance, where we update your plugins and themes, we correct issues that may come up with your website and monitor your website’s health
  2. wordpress updates, plugin replacements and updates, so you can have the latest and greatest of all the plugins that your website consists of, we will replace a plugin and update it so you don’t lose your website’s updatability or risk security
  3. monitor your website for security and patch it. We are also up to date with alerts from the community on wordpress vulnerabilities and hacks or plugin problems that may compromise your system

Don’t let your wordpress website get dusty and keep it up to date. Contact us today and get the most out of your website.