Facebook is the most popular Social Network in the world. Its more than just a social network, for your branding needs, its a great engagement and advertisement platform where you can “push” your brand to more and more people.

There are many options to “advertise” on Facebook, the organic and the paid way. Organic is whatever happens on Facebook without having to spend money. A friend of a friend sees that his friend liked one of your posts and he likes it too, a friend shares one of your post sand some of his/her friends like and/or share it too. This is the organic way and as it happens, your brand is presented to more and more people, more and more often.

The paid way is when you plan on spending money for advertisement. Facebook has its own robust and flexible advertisement platform called Facebook Ads, where you can specify audiences and targeting to select the group of Facebook users that your ad will be presented to. Of course there is much competition so setting up an ad is critical to your value-for-money and ROI so you need to be careful.

On Facebook, Digital Arts Media Services can help you perform all of the steps below :

  1. initiate Facebook Ad campaigns with the correct and most efficient targeting for your audiences
  2. run a Facebook contest, photo submissions, sweepstakes and more
  3. keep your Facebook posts going with our Social Media Marketing services
  4. boost / promote a post for a quick offer you may have or for a more instant advertisement
  5. upgrade and advertise your Facebook page so you can increase your user base